Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Worth the Same

Yesterday wasn't an awesome day for me. Some things happened that left me feeling... blah. Mistreated. Upset. Angry. Hurt.

Everything was pretty fresh so I was still hashing it all out in my head and venting to Mike. It's how I process. (Poor Mike haha!) Anyways... Mike and I dropped the kids off at school and headed to Walmart to pick a few things up. We get out of the car and Mike says "hey! Look what I found!"

He was holding a wet, dirty, messy five dollar bill.

 IMG_2655 copy

This conversation followed...

MIKE: It was almost in the water grate. I wonder how many people didn't even see it!
ME: Well it looks like it's your lucky day, not mine.
MIKE: I'll treat you at Panera.
ME: That's nice. I feel like that five dollar bill... thrown down, run over and a mess.
MIKE: But it's still worth $5.

And isn't that the truth! So often I let how others treat me leave me feeling like I have less value. Like I'm all of a sudden worth less. Not as good. I let others actions toward me affect how I see myself.

But it's a lie... no matter how others treat me I am still worth the same to the ONE who will never treat me wrong. God says I have value... even when I'm in the mud puddle getting run over and overlooked... even then God says "I love you! I see you. You still matter to me. Your value in my eyes never decreases. You are still worth the same now in your mess as you were yesterday when you felt like you were on top of the world."

And that just turned my day around. :)

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