Monday, December 10, 2012

Trinkets and Traditions Swap Link-up!

So... this was my first blog swap thing ever and can I just say how much fun it was!!! I mean... who doesn't love getting something awesome in the mail!? :)

We had an odd number so I sent a package off to Lauren at Teach*Pray*Love. (She has a really yummy looking recipe up for cheesecake brownies. Yum!) And I received a package from Sarah at Five In Five... umm... crazy woman had five kids in five years. :) Her post Christmas Has Been Violated had me cracking up. You should read it!

Anyways... on to the fun!

I got all giddy when I realized the package that arrived in the mail was actually for ME and not just another gift I had ordered for someone else on cyber Monday. I tore the thing open and it smelled sooo good because she packed some awesome smelling candles in the box. I'm going to have to start doing that! (At least, that's why I'm assuming it smelled so good.)

She also sent these candies...

 IMG_2139 copy

She shared that as her tradition saying she always knew it was Christmas time when Grandma busted out these candies. I don't know what it is about them but I feel like there is some significance there for me too. Maybe I'll figure it out in my sleep some night.

There was a recipe for stuffed shells that I must try sometime! I love stuffed shells but her recipe is a little different and I am excited to try it!

And lastly... my favorite part. The ornament!!

IMG_2625 copy

How adorable is this thing!?!? And it goes so well with what I have going on with my Christmas decorations. I think I could fall in love with pinecones at Christmas! He looks so at home on a tree. :)

IMG_2621 copy

So there ya go! Christmas Swap... Trinkets and Traditions style. I just might have to do this again sometime. :)

Thanks for the awesome package Sarah!

Link up if you participated in the swap!!


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