Wednesday, January 30, 2013

God is...

Back in November we had a Butler Praise and Coffee meeting where we discussed who God is. During the month of December we posted a letter each day and everyone continued in the discussion as we shared names of God and adjectives that describe him. We came up with a wonderful list and I just want to share it with anyone who might be interested.

A – Almighty, All-knowing, Adonai, Admirable, Awesome, Advocate, Amazing, Abba, Alive, Always

B – Beautiful, Bountiful Bestower, Bright Morning Star, Believable, Bold, Bread of Life, Bridegroom, Blesser, Best Friend

C – Constant, Counselor, Comforter,  Creator, Caring, Covenant Keeper, Compassionate, Chief Cornerstone, Courageous Crusader, Calming Source, Cleanser, Champion, Commander, Convicter,

D – Daddy, Deliverer, Defender, Director of Steps, Defeater of Death, Delights over us, Desire of all nations, Dedicated, Divine, Discipliner, Debt Payer

E – Eternal, Emmanuel, El Shaddai, Everything, Exalted, End, Extraordinary, Extravagant, Everywhere, Everlasting, Enthusiastic and Eager, Eternal Love, Elohim, Exquisite

F – Forgiver, Friend, Fairest of Ten thousand, Faithful, Fascinating, Forever, Fearless, Father, Finisher, Fair, Firm Foundation,

G – Good, Grace, Great, Gracious, Glorious, Giver, Generous, Gentle, God, Guardian

H – Healer, Hope, Hiding Place, Husband, Heart, Helper, High Priest, Holy, Holy Spirit

I – Irreplaceable, Integrity, I Am, Invincible, Intercessor, Instructor, Inheritance, Infinite, Intimate

J – Justification, Just, Justifier, Joyful, Jealous for us, Jesus, Jehovah

K – Kind, King of Kings, Knowing, Keeper of Our Tears

L – Love, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Life, Leader, Listener, Living Water, Light of the World, Lover

M – Majesty, Mighty, Messiah, Miracle Worker, Merciful, Master, Mindful of Us

N – Never Failing, Near, Never Ending

OOmnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Overshadowing, Order

P – Prince of Peace, Present, Peace, Protector, Prosperity, Praiseworthy, Potter, Physician, Perfect,    
Patient, Precise, Provider

Q – Quiet, Quick, Quencher of Thirst

R – Redeemer, Reigning, Righteous, Refuge, Restorer, Rescuer, Reassuring

S – Savior, Sinless, Sovereign, Supreme, Supernatural, Shepherd, Sincere, Solid, Security, Sanctifier, Strength, Sustainer

T – Truth, Teacher, Trustworthy, Triumphant

U – Uplifter of Souls, Unconditional, Understanding, Unchanging, Unifier

V – Virtuous, Victorious, Vital, Vine

W – Wonderful, Warrior, Worthy, Wisdom, The Way

X – Exalted, Exchange, Extraordinary, X-ray (He sees the straight through to the heart.)

Y – Youthful, Yahweh, Yearns for us

ZZoologically Savvy, Zealous

Is there anything you would add?

Feel free to copy. If you want me to email you the document just let me know!


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