Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hair Chop!

I've had long hair for quite a while now. I like my hair long. But I was tired of it and ready for a change. I normally get my hair cut by a friend in my hometown when I go to visit my family but I just couldn't wait any more. The hair had to go. It was time.

I turned to facebook and asked my friends to recommend a local hair person and convince me why I should use them. I chose one and called for an appointment.

At 5:00 this evening I looked like this...

1-22-2013 hair

At 6:00 I looked like this...

1-22-2013 hair1

I know this next one is fuzzy... I didn't take it. :)
 IMG_2899 copy

I saved the hair so I could send it to Locks of Love. Kind of weird carrying my hair around!

Anyways... I love the new hair! I needed something fresh and this was a good change.

When I walked in the door Liza looked at me and said "You got your sisters haircut!" And I think she's right. But in my defense I haven't seen my sister in a few months and I didn't request this specific haircut. I simply said "I want chin length hair, no bangs, easy to style." And she said ok and went to work. I can't help it that she chose my sister's style!!

So... new hair. Love it. But I'm going to have to put those afghan projects on hold and make some scarves!!! This neck is COLD!


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