Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Look What I Made!

First... if you signed up for the Valentine's Day Swap you should have received an email with your swap partner info. Start putting those packages together and make sure to get them in the mail by Feb 2!!


Second... we tried this soup recipe last night and it was awesome! Well... the kids didn't love it but they've been picky lately. Me and Mike... we definitely agree it is one to add to the recipe list and make again. It is more like a stew and less like a sissy soup that is mostly broth and little food. This soup is a man soup for sure.

(Tastes Like Lasagna Soup)
                                                                                           Source: thedeenbros.com via Laura on Pinterest


Third... look what I made!!!

IMG_2873 copy
(Please ignore the fact that my floor is two different colors, unfinished and rough.)

The hat orders have been really slow and being that it is still winter outside we are home a lot with not much going on. I don't mind sitting around at home but if I am going to be sitting around at home I have to have some kind of project to work on. For some reason I decided that I should try to crochet a baby blanket. 

I've never done blankets because I just knew I wouldn't finish them. They take FOREVER!

And that's exactly what I thought as I started this. It seemed I had been working for HOURS and had hardly made any progress. I was pretty certain I would never make another blanket again.

IMG_2871 copy

But all of a sudden I was halfway done. And I was loving it! And it was gorgeous! I couldn't stop. I HAD to finish it!! And I did. :)

IMG_2872 copy

It's beautiful and soft and I guess I'll just put it away until I know who to give it to as a gift. (Unless someone wants to buy it. Will sell for $50. Yeah... didn't think you'd want it that bad but really people... HOURS of my time!)

As I was working on the baby blanket in my living room I realized what was missing... besides decorations because those are still non-existant. So what was missing? AFGHANS!! Growing up there were ALWAYS afghans around the house. My grandma, the one who taught me how to crochet, is amazing at making afghans and she made them for all her kids and grandkids. To this day there are still afghans in my moms living room. I don't remember a time when there weren't any.

And so I decided I needed afghans in my living room and I got right to work on my first one. I am following this pattern but only making it one color.

                                                                                            Source: lionbrand.com via Laura on Pinterest

This is how far I've made it...

IMG_2875 copy

I'm loving it! And I love having a project that keeps me warm while working because it won't make it above freezing at all this week. (Woke up to 4 degrees this morning. Awesome!)

This one gets made in panels and then you connect them. I have three panels done, the fourth started. There are eight in all. I'm making good progress.

Next I'll make this one...

Fullscreen capture 1222013 22621 PM

I'll make it in a cream color. I would have started it first but the store was out of the yarn I wanted.

Afghans in the living room... it's a must!

Have you been working on a project lately?

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