Saturday, January 19, 2013

They Love Each Other... Really

We decided to watch a movie tonight and picking it is always the hardest part so I decided to get a head start. I was cooking dinner and told Liza and Jason to work together to pick out a movie to watch later tonight.

After a while…
LIZA: Jason only wants to watch Lightning McQueen and I don’t want to watch that one. Every time I say a different movie he says no. No, no, no!
ME: Well you guys need to work it out.
JASON: I know! We can do rock, paper, scissors three times! Whoever wins gets to pick the movie!
ME: Sounds like a good plan. If Liza's ok with that come into the kitchen so I can help you guys keep it fair.

1st round… Liza wins.
2nd round… Liza wins again.

ME: Liza won the best of three so that means that she gets to pick the movie.
JASON: *walks away with super pouty face, shoulders slumped and begins to cry* But I waaaaaanted to piiick the moooviieee.

The crying continues and it takes Liza FOREVER to pick a movie.
She finally picks one… a short movie with all the Disney Princesses and teaches her how to dance. I didn’t think that was fair for Jason so since it was short I told her we would watch hers now while dinner was cooking and then Jason could pick one for after dinner. Win win right?


Liza didn’t want to watch hers now. And Jason couldn’t find happiness in it either. After they completely frustrated the situation I said “Never mind. Go up to your rooms for a while. We aren’t watching a movie tonight.”

Their rooms are right beside each other and they went up yelling and crying and screaming at each other. The things that they say crack me up. So I sat here typing them so that I could laugh and maintain some sanity and see the humor in it all... and share it with you.

LIZA: I prefer libery! Libery libery libery!
ME: What is libery?
ME: What is libery?
LIZA: I don’t know! I heard it in a movie!

LIZA: Goodness gracious mo my Liza!
JASON: I’m pluggin my ears!
LIZA: I’m talking to myself!
JASON: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

JASON:Ready to get spanked?
JASON: Oh I bet you are.
JASON: I bet you are! I bet you are! I bet you are!
LIZA: You liar!
(I haven't spanked either of them in probably two years.) 

LIZA: Do you want me to say stupid again?
JASON: That’s a bad word.
LIZA: I know. Do you want me to say that to you again?
LIZA: I would say “You’re stupid Jason. That’s what I would say.”

LIZA: This is all your fault!
JASON: *in super teasing voice* It’s all your fault haha haha.
LIZA: It’s not nice to make fun of people!
JASON: *begins singing a song about it all*
LIZA: Stop making fun of me and making words at me I don’t want!
JASON: Liza! You interrupted this song!
LIZA: Right. Sure. Sing it again.
JASON: I have to start over.
LIZA: Then do it.
JASON: I wasn’t going to sing it twice!
LIZA: Alright. Just go for it.
JASON: I’m not!
LIZA: Good!
JASON: Back at my face!

After a good while of this...

JASON: Mommy?
ME: What?
JASON: I smiled a couple of minutes ago.
ME: What does that mean?
JASON: I smiled.
ME: And? What do you want me to know about that?
JASON: Nothing. I just wanted you to know that I smiled.

I think that means he’s trying to convince me to let him out… but they are still way too fired up at each other and I no longer can put a movie on to help us have a calm night. Perhaps I’ll just put them to bed really early.

And now Jason is singing… 
"As much as you love me I love you more than you love me. I love you every day and all day. Even when we fight and even when we’re sad. And I love you in the nighttime and I love you when we sleep. I love you always. I love you alweeeeeees. I doooooo loooooooooove you... alweeeeees!

Maybe it won’t be such a bad night after all. 

Or maybe it will... because they are STILL going on and on and on.

This is my ridiculous life.
Can I get some peace and quiet please!?

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