Friday, January 25, 2013

To be or not to be... frank?

Ugh... I have two posts in draft that I want to use for Frankly Friday but frankly... I've been convicted. You see, just because we like to be frank (in an open, honest, and direct manor) it doesn't mean that we have a right to be rudely frank... or ugly frank as I've come to think of it.

Are the things I have to say that are sitting in draft topics that are worth bringing up and talking about? Yes! Yes they are. However, the way I have addressed them does not benefit anyone. I didn't write in a way that would be helpful or uplifting. I wrote in a way that would tear some down and leave others doing fist pumps and thinking "Yeah girl! You speak my language!"

Neither of those reactions are what I want.

I have this blog here called A HEARTY Overflow... and I'm reminded of why I chose that name. When I did the name change I wrote...

-Warm-hearted, affectionate, cordial
-Heartfelt, genuine, sincere
-Enthusiastic or zealous
-Exuberant, unrestrained
-Substantial, abundant, nourishing
A Hearty Overflow is a little play on words from the verses above. I want the overflow of my heart to be pleasing to God. I want my words to be uplifting, honest, life giving. To have that be what I talk about, that must be what I cultivate in my heart.

I also wrote...

And I want A Hearty Overflow to be a place that is nourishing.

Nourishing- to strengthen, build up or promote.

My words that are sitting in draft do not build up and strengthen. They are not warm-hearted and sincere. And so they sit until I can rework my attitude about it and write about them in a more nourishing and hearty way. In a way that builds up instead of tearing down.

And that is as frank as I am going to get today.

You can read the full post on why I chose A Hearty Overflow HERE.

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