Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Five years ago this magnificent boy entered the world and changed my heart forever.

feb 20 jason 144

I'm so glad that he still has those amazing cheeks!

Today I made the mistake of looking through too many old photos. I can't believe my baby is five already! It's my last time to have a five year old. Ever. 

Or a 2 1/2 year old...

IMG_9752 1

I'm dying! His cuteness is killing me!

IMG_7873 1


IMG_2528 1

He's almost three in this one...
IMG_4575 1 copy

Man! I always tell him to stop growing up and he tells me I can't. I'm going to start saying in my whiny voice "whyyy nooottt!?"

One of my favorite things about Jason are the faces. It never gets old.

IMG_3026 1 copy

IMG_6473 copy

IMG_4656 copybw

He's almost four in this one...

IMG_0482 copybw

Fact: Jason is the most difficult kid to discipline because he is always so ridiculously cute. Even when he is really being bad he is unusually cute. 

And here is my big five year old today... with a bad haircut. Figures that the first one I pay for would be the worst one he ever had. :)

IMG_3319 copy

He sure enjoyed his cupcakes.

IMG_3349 copy

And I enjoyed him. :)

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