Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls with Swords


Girls with Swords is Lisa Bevere's newest book and it is now available!!

You should get a copy. Truly! It's goooood.

It constantly had me thinking.
It taught me new things.
It expanded on some things I already knew.
It challenged me to choose to be a hero in every situation.
Then it equipped me with weapons to fight in this spiritual battle.
It reminded me that other people are not my enemy... Satan is. Yes, Satan is real. And yes, he hates me.

Girls with Swords is definitely a book I need to read again. It's also one I hope to someday buy the curriculum for and go through it with a group of friends.

I'm going to leave you with a few things that Lisa wrote in the book that made me stop and write them down so I could continue to be reminded of the powerful words...

"The role you choose to play in this battle is what is in question. Will you be an unarmed civilian, victim, prisoner of war, or hero? As you form your decision, please know this: there is no safe middle ground. It is just a matter of time before you must join one side or the other. It is always better to predetermine your position with decisive intention rather ha have it chosen for you by passive default."

"In the hands of God's daughters, swords are weapons of life and light."

"Far too many factions of Christ's body wield only pieces and fragments of his word and no longer lift his word as a whole."

"Your journey toward becoming a hero begins when you simply grant God permission to have his way."
 "I believe we will see signs and wonders to the degree that we preach the Cross of Christ and live the Word of God. A minimalistic Gospel produces minimal results. Preaching only half of the benefits of the Cross will produce only half of the Cross's benefits. Derivatives cannot be expected to produce what an original will at full strength."

 "If you are not careful, listening to what other people say about you may cause you to forget who you actually are."

 "For far too long the Word has been interpreted rather than proclaimed. We have gotten into the habit of passing it through the filter of personal experiences, social preferences, current prejudices, and the limited counsel of the human mind rather than simply declaring what was so powerfully and eternally spoken and recorded. We've interpreted the gospel rather than expressed it."

It's time for us to live like heroes!

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. But even if I had to buy the book I would tell you all the same things. :)

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