Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Human Trafficking ~ Creating Awareness

Last week a young boy somewhere in Alabama was kidnapped and held captive. Today I am hearing the wonderful news that he was rescued and he is ok. I don't watch the news. I only heard about this story because I saw it posted and reposted on Facebook. People were talking about it.

I am so thankful that this little boy is ok and reunited with his family. What I am about to say is in no way meant to take away from his story. That family went through a nightmare this past week and it was real and I can't even begin to imagine what that mother went through as she was helpless to get her boy back. I am thankful that people cared enough to share his story so that more and more could join in prayer for his safety and rescue.

As the story was continuously posted and talked about this past week all I could find myself thinking was "people are being held captive in the United States every. single. day!!! Why do we not care about them like we did this little boy???"

A captive is a prisoner, a person who is enslaved or dominated.


Abolish means to do away with or put an end to. The sad truth is that slavery was never really abolished.

I started reading The Slave Next Door. Did you know..

"More than twice as many people are in bondage in the world today than were taken from Africa during the entire 350 years of the Atlantic slave trade."

Many people come to America... the land of the free... in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Many of those that come in search of that find only the opposite... enslavement, fear and nothing even close to happiness. And many of these slaves aren't even immigrants... they are Americans. Our own.

One boy held captive can set the masses to talking and caring. Thousands upon thousands being held captive and people don't even know about it!!

A statement in The Slave Next Door stood out and is sticking with me...

"Through our ignorance and worse yet, our lack of interest, we enable slavery. Unless we heed the wake-up call, slavery will continue to spread. Our children are also endangered by a different, subtler threat--apathy. Kids learn from their parents, and if noninvolvement is what we teach, by word or example, then that is exactly what they will learn and how they will live."

Don't remain ignorant. Don't have a lack of interest. Don't teach apathy.

What can you do? Talk about it. It's a good starting place. Don't have the words? Then share mine! Or find an article and pass it around. Make people aware. Awareness is a great beginning!

Last night someone shared on Facebook this article about a former sex trafficking victim. I reposted it to my facebook page just before going to bed. I was beyond excited to wake up this morning to see that many had then shared it on their pages and conversations were happening. THAT is where we start people! Sharing information. Having conversations about it. Creating awareness.

Will YOU join the fight? Will YOU create awareness?

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