Thursday, February 28, 2013


I always tell myself that I am going to do a nice photo shoot with Jason when he turns a new age. Usually I end up getting a few cute snapshots but we never do a REAL photo shoot. It's easy with Liza because her birthday is in September and we can get outside. For Jason... in February... I have to get out my whole photography set up so we don't have mess in the background and take his pictures in my living room.

I finally got around to it this year and only eight days after his birthday! Go me. :)

This morning while Liza was at school Jason and I played photography. 

We started out with Batman... because Jason IS Batman right now.

IMG_3518 copybw

IMG_3519 copybw

Then Jason wanted some pictures with his sons... Alvin, Simon and Theodore. He loves his boys and takes great care of them. Always playing with them and having conversations. He tucks them in tight with hugs and kisses each night. It's adorable.

IMG_3530 copy

IMG_3539 copy

IMG_3533 copy

IMG_3541 copy
(Pretty sure the boy will need to be making faces for his senior pictures... and his wedding pictures... and any photo shoot that he ever has. I'm ok with that.)

Next we added in his other three sons. 

IMG_3549 copy

IMG_3551 copy

IMG_3555 copy

Isn't he adorable!?!?!

AND he is five!

IMG_3565 copy

IMG_3568 copy

Back to the sillies. :)

IMG_3575 copy

IMG_3578 copy

IMG_3588 copy

But these are my favorites...

IMG_3595 copybw

IMG_3584 copy

This one is my favorite of the favorites. Jason is such a silly and fun boy but in the depths of his heart he is the sweetest boy EVER... and I think this just reveals his sweet heart.

IMG_3573 copybw

And that's my boy. :)

I love him!

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