Sunday, February 10, 2013

My No Sugar Coach

Soooo... I went a year without eating sugar. For me that means no cakes, cookies, ice cream, pies and other yummy goodness that I love oh so much. It was hard but it was a good year.

Then the year was up and I decided to have a cookie... and then another... and another... and I am still eating cookies... and pies... and chocolate... and pretty much whatever sweetness I can get in my mouth. It's quite disgusting really.

It's sugar addiction.

It's bad. And out of control.

My kids know that I have a sugar problem and shouldn't eat it. Yesterday I decided to use Liza's coupon that she got for McDonald's. I picked up food for her and Jason and the only thing I'll ever eat from McD's (because Super Size Me turned me off of McD's for life) is their shamrock shakes. Of course I bought a large one so I could share it with the kids.

As we were eating our yummy shamrock shake...

LIZA: Is this sugar?
ME: Yes.
JASON: So you are making a bad choice then?
ME: Ummm... yes. (the shame!)
JASON: You really shouldn't make bad choices mommy.
ME: I know. :(
LIZA: Maybe you should just not look at it so you aren't tempted to have it. Like when you are shopping if you have to go down the goody isle just don't look at the goody side. Because there is a goody side and a not goody side. Just don't look at the goody side so you won't be tempted to get it.
ME: That's a pretty good idea Liza.
LIZA: I'm going to be your Don't Eat Sugar Coach.

Today I am making better choices. I have to. My kids are watching me. I talk to them ALL. THE. TIME. about making good choices... enough that they even know when I am making bad choices. And they aren't afraid to call me out on it. I guess I need to be setting a better example of doing the right thing even when it's really hard... even when it's different than what everyone else is doing.

Today... because my kids are watching me... I will not eat what I am not supposed to eat. I will be a better example. I will not eat sugar.

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