Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sex Trafficking... Let's Talk About It

My heart is so incredibly heavy today. I didn't sleep well last night. I'm angry. So... ANGRY!

This world we live in has so much darkness. So much evil. My heart is aching... crying out... wanting to DO something about it! But I'm just one person and the problems all seem so HUGE.

There are two problems that are currently concerning me and giving me great grief.

Child pornography
sex trafficking.

Many of you may be ready to click off this blog and stop reading. Many of you may be thinking that it's easier to know that these things go on but remain ignorant about the true realities. Many of you may shy away from hard topics like this but we must discuss them!

Last night I couldn't fall asleep. My heart was grieving the loss of innocence. I found myself for the first time praying "JESUS!!! COME BACK NOW! Please! For the sake of the children come back now!" And then I cried myself to sleep.

These problems are real and they happen in greater numbers than we can ever imagine. And why did it take until I was 33 years old to be educated about sex trafficking??? I was one of those people who knew it existed. I even support a ministry that does a whole lot about it. BUT I didn't really know anything about trafficking... until someone who IS educated came along and talked about it.

And now I know... now I know way too much to remain silent. I know way too much to do nothing!

You see, I always thought that sex trafficking was something that happened in OTHER countries. OH... how wrong I was. I didn't know!! I honestly did not know how much it happens here in the good old USA. I want to cry all over again! HERE! On my home turf! My country is sick and I don't know if it will ever recover.

And today... I had no idea until recently that there was such a dark side to the super bowl...


Pimps have taken their bitches (sorry... that's what they call them) to New Orleans to work. Children are being prostituted RIGHT NOW. Men are selling and buying women and children for sex.


But so many don't. They abuse them and take advantage of them. And honestly... there are women that are abusing and taking advantage of them in the same way.


So many VICTIMS of sex trafficking are 12-17 years old... and men are paying to have sex with them... with children.

God help us all! PLEASE GOD!

This problem is monstrous. We may not be able to end it completely but we can put a big dent in it. It will take each person doing their part. It will take men fighting along side the women. It will mean that you need to become educated, speak up, write to your government people, push for new laws... but ultimately we must change our understanding and thinking of prostitutes.

I have a small plan to get started.
1. I am going to continue writing about this topic over the next week. I hope you will come back and continue reading.
2. Yesterday I bought a kindle. This morning I purchased two lendable books about sex trafficking that were recommended to me. One I have read and one I will read soon. I purchased them on the kindle so that I can share them with anyone for free.

I want to lend these books to you! I want to help you to become educated about this worldwide problem. The two books that I have are:

Somebody's Daughter by Julian Sher
The Slave Next Door by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter

From what I understand you don't even need a kindle to borrow these books from me... you just need an email address? I'm still figuring it out but these books are definitely lendable and I want to lend them out starting today. If you would like to borrow my books let me know and I will send one to you.

It's time to do something! It's time to stand up and protect the women and children. It's time for EVERYONE to care about these issues!!

Today... many of us will be sitting down to watch the super bowl. Please say a prayer for all the prostituted children. Many will be raped, beaten and even murdered this weekend. Pray for them. Pray without ceasing.

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