Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-day Swap Link Up

My swap partner was Tara from The Furr Four... she has some cute boys!!!

I got super excited when I saw the package in the mail!! Because let's be honest... who doesn't love fun mail?! It so refreshing to get something that is simply just for fun in the midst of all the bills. :)

IMG_3084 copy

Before we get to Tara's favorite things that she sent me let me start with a story...

It was at least a year ago that I decided I needed a new camera strap. I like mine but it it has a lot of white in the pattern and well... after wearing it on my sweaty neck for a while it's not so white anymore. (Gross... I know.) So I went online to find another cute strap. I searched and searched until I found one I loved and then I ordered it... or at least I thought I did. After waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come in the mail and it NOT coming I decided to check out what was going on. Apparently the order never fully went through because there was no confirmation email (should have been my first clue haha), no payment taken from my bank account. Nothing. The order never happened. I never got the camera strap. And I STILL need a new one.

So... knowing all that you can just imagine my excitement when I opened the package from Tara and saw this...!

IMG_3088 1

A lovely camera strap cover that will hide the grossness of the old one!!!! I love it!

Also in the package was a candle, chocolate and some note cards.

 IMG_3091 copy

I think Tara and I would get along just fine since I too love all those things. :) In fact, I sent her note cards too. What can I say!?... great minds think alike. :)

 Thanks for the wonderful package of favorites Tara!!!

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