Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friends and Belly Dancing

It was time for another girls night so I once again asked Mike to take the kids and stay at his parents' for the night so that I could have some friends over. My friend Sarah had been talking about having a belly dancing night so I asked her to combine with me. 

What a night!!

We invited the people and began the night with an awesome dinner. We were so stuffed that the snacks and desserts were hardly touched all night. Not normal for a group of girls! Anyways... after dinner Sarah got on her awesome belly dancing outfit and started the hilarious lessons.

IMG_3734 copy

I laughed so hard I hurt! And I think the others did too. :)

IMG_3737 copy

IMG_3733 copy

IMG_3738 copy

IMG_3739 copy

There was a whole lot of hip shakin' and shimmying. And comments like "this makes me feel like I'm going to have another baby!" 

IMG_3747 copy

IMG_3751 copy

I got a little carried away... bells on the hips just weren't enough! I look so ridiculous in this picture but that's probably because I really DID look ridiculous trying to belly dance. But it was sooo much fun and we were all being ridiculous.

(Thanks for the pic Kim!)

Kim agreed that more bells were needed. :)

 IMG_3763 copy

It's such a wonderful, freeing thing to be able to completely relax and get silly with my friends! I think it was exactly what we all needed. :)

 We also made truth cards but I want to really explain what those are and how you can make them too so they will be in a different post later this week.

What kind of fun things do you do for girls nights??? I'm always looking for fresh and fun ideas... because even though Apples to Apples is an awesome game you can only play it so many times before you need something new. :)

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