Friday, March 8, 2013

Sacrifice and Blessings


You guys!! Yesterday I posted about how we got an AMAZING deal on a car and had enough left over to book a vacation.

This story has me so pumped and excited and ecstatic and eeeeek! You see... God has been providing for us in great ways! He has been doing above and beyond what we imagined! He is TAKING CARE OF US!!

Do you realize that in the past six months I have:
  • bought a house
  • bought a car
  • booked a six day vacation
  • kept my six month emergency fund fully funded

And at the end of it all the "only" debt I have is this...


That's my mortgage.

And we are already ahead on payments.

We've done all this on $40,000 a year. I know knowing numbers like that can make people nervous and uncomfortable but I don't want people to think that we make loads of money to accomplish the financial things that we have accomplished.

I know that by the world's standards we aren't wealthy.
But friends, God is goooood! His provisions are exciting. And true wealth looks nothing like the world's. My heart is full. Excited. Sure.

God has blessed us so much over the past year and half!

Now, I don't want you to get the impression that it has all been rainbows in the sky. You can't get raindbows without some rain. There was a lot of sacrifice along the way. I still have kitchen cupboards that I can't use because of the smell. I still have the old carpet in the living room and two rooms with unfinished, unsanded, hardwood floors. (We are constantly dealing with splinters!) And I've had to give up that camera upgrade twice now.

I know I could have used the vacation money to do some of those things... but taking a vacation felt like the right thing to do. The floors and kitchen can wait. My old camera STILL works.

Time and time again in the past year and a half (and probably even further back than I realize) I can see God's blessings in our finances. As I trace the story back to the sacrifices we made when Mike felt like God wanted him to write a book... to sacrificing the fancy car we would have liked to get. But each step of the way we decided to do what God wanted, what God prompted. And in living out HIS WILL instead of our own we have walked right into so many of His blessings for us!

Sacrifice may seem like a not so fun way to live but if that is how you think I just want to say that you are wrong. :) Sacrifice may be hard in the moment but far beyond worth it all in the end!

Some may say that the blessings we have experienced are because of luck or good karma or just people doing nice things for others. Those people can call it what they want but I will tell you what I know...

Those blessings are a result of one thing and that thing is


The end!

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