Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updates and a Photo Shoot

Sometimes I sit down to blog and have a hard time getting what I want to say out of my head and on to the screen in an understandable way. That is usually what turns into a few day blogging break (which is rare for me). But this time... I just had nothing to say. (SUPER RARE!) And right now my brain is fried so it's going to stay that way.

Just some quick updates from the last week...
  • Liza lost ANOTHER tooth. She now has four out. It's cute. :)
  • We bought a car but haven't seen it yet. It's being shipped from NY and should arrive late tomorrow. We'll pick it up Thursday.
  •  As long as everything goes well with the car it will turn out to be about $1300 or so LESS than we budgeted for a car (more on that later!) and that means I have leftover money for vacation. I've already got the dates and hotel picked and babysitters lined up. Just waiting for things to be final with the car so I can start booking some things. (More on that later too.)
  • After six months my mattress is no longer on the floor! Woo hoo! It's super nice to not have to pick myself up off the floor first thing in the morning.
  •  And... I'll end with some pictures from my latest photo shoot. My friend asked me to do some pics of Charlotte because she turned one. That was a few weeks ago. We had to continue rescheduling because her kids kept getting sick. Last Friday we finally got it in. She brought both of her kids and I set up my little set up (a fleece blanket thrown over my pvc pipe stand) and did our best to get the kids to cooperate. It was a small space and they lasted no more than 45 minutes. Considering those two things I think we got some great shots off.

 IMG_3608 copy

 IMG_3614 copy

 IMG_3625 copybw

 IMG_3637 copy

 IMG_3644 copy

 IMG_3647 copy

 IMG_3650 copybw

 IMG_3660 copy

 IMG_3671 copybw

 IMG_3692 copybw2

 IMG_3702 copy

And now I'm off to clean my house. I'd rather read a book or take a nap but I have a bunch of friends coming over tonight for craft night. I can sleep tomorrow. :)


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