Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Day With My Sister

My sister Lisa lives in Tampa, FL so as soon as I booked my vacation in Daytona I called to see if she had any days off. She did! And since it's only a two hour drive she came to see me. :) Yay!

She actually had off the Thursday I arrived and was able to get Friday off as well. She picked me up at the airport, we checked into the motel and headed out for a walk on the beach. It was glorious!

100_3020 copy

 100_3023 copy

We had a pretty laid back evening... ate out for dinner, did some grocery shopping and drove forever to find a good ice cream shop. And then we went to bed.

We decided to make ourselves get up for the sunrise and while it wasn't a spectacular sunrise it was a nice one and it ended up leading us to what was next in our day.

 IMG_4336 copy

 IMG_4338 copy

IMG_4344 copy

 IMG_4371 copy

As I was looking down the beach I saw a light and said "Is that a lighthouse!?" It was! Ten miles away... so we got in the car and decided to go check it out since the day was looking to be cloudy and overcast.

We ended up at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse... the tallest lighthouse in Florida. As tall as a 17 story building with 203 steps to the top.

 100_3035 copy

 IMG_4497 copy

We paid the five bucks to tour the grounds and the lighthouse and headed on up.

 IMG_4384 copy

 IMG_4388 copy1

daytona 2013 037 copy

 IMG_4391 copybw

IMG_4410 copy

When we got to the top we couldn't believe how ridiculously windy it was. I was slightly terrified to step out on the deck even though it was all fenced in and I would never fit through the holes. This is my "eeeek! I'm going to blow away" face...

 daytona 2013 042

daytona 2013 047

 IMG_4418 copy

IMG_4412 copy

IMG_4416 copy

 IMG_4422 copy

After being ridiculous for a while and getting some photos we headed back down. Seems like we had good timing because there was loads of people on their way up and an entire group of old people that had just got off a bus at the bottom. I love good timing. :)

We took some time to tour the grounds... where the lighthouse keepers and their families lived and some other buildings that were apparently important. Then we decided to go on the little nature trail. I was kind of freaking out because every three steps I would hear something moving but Lisa insisted we keep going... until she saw a snake and then she turned and ran... and I followed her. We are sissy. 

1-16-2013 florida 2

1-16-2013 florida 21

IMG_4439 copy
(With the wind blowing and the design on the shirt... which I made... I think my waste looks TINY! Optical illusion for sure haha.)

After the lighthouse we headed back to the motel and decided to go play in the waves. It's a rule... if you go to the ocean you must go IN the ocean. The water was actually quite nice and we had a great time. Felt like a kid... and isn't that what vacation is for!?

We went out to dinner and then Lisa had to head home. :( I miss my sisters!! I told Lisa she should come back on Sunday again since she had off. She said she would think about it. I finished off my night by sitting on the pool deck reading a good book.

It was a great day!!

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