Monday, April 22, 2013

A Fun Weekend!

First things first... the winner of the This Is Our Time DVD is Lissa S. I'll be in touch with soon Lissa!

I have several more giveaways of great family materials coming up in the next two week so watch for those!


So let's talk about the weekend...

I can't remember such a busy weekend in a long time but it was such a fun one! Lots of friends and family and different things than usual.

Friday night I went to a girls night... two doors down. Back when we were in the closing period of buying a house we met a couple at a prayer meeting. In talking we realized we were buying houses... with only one house in between. Instant friends. :) I was invited to girls night and it was a great time of meeting new people, discussing how dependable God is, playing games and eating some delicious food.

Yeah... when I say delicious food... well... Danielle made s'mores dip! When I heard she was making that I needed no more convincing to get myself there!


You guys! I could have ate that stuff by the spoonful! There were graham crackers for dipping and I just happened to take strawberries and pineapple... both amazing with the dip! I need to have some friends over so I can make this stuff! Soooo good!

On Saturday I hosted a crafting day for my friend Kim. She's getting married at the end of May... to Mike's cousin. :) She will soon be family! Kim is making a lot of the things she needs for her wedding and I knew she would need some help so I told her to invite some friends to come along and I would host and have lunch. We spent a few hours cutting, taping, stamping, coloring. It didn't feel like we got too far because we didn't have much completed at the end of our time but we really did make some good progress and I kept some things here to continue working on them.


It was a really great time with friends!

Then there was Sunday. :) I had been looking forward to Sunday because it was going to be our once a year treat. We were going to Pittsburgh for dinner and a show and we were taking my parents along because it was part of their Christmas gift from all of their kids.

We sent the kids off with our favorite babysitter... she wins favorite title because she always treats them to great things. Yesterday they went to the Aviary in Pittsburgh and then out for pizza and ice cream. Be jealous of my babysitter haha. We love her. :)

Then me, Mike, Mom and Dad headed to Pittsburgh for our night out. We go with a group of people so we don't have to do anything but pay and follow. That's how I like to do the city. :) We ate at a restaurant called Bravo Franco... Italian yumminess! Chicken Marsala for me followed with delicious apple crisp for dessert! After dinner we headed across the street to Heinz Hall...


...for this show...


Fantastically spectacular!!! I love it! So much fun! It was a good story with great singing and dancing and plenty of jokes. Anything Goes has been around since 1938... or something like that... and after watching it it's not hard to understand why it's remained popular for so long!

It was a great night out and I love that I got to spend it with my parents!

We came home exhausted and ready to crash. Mom and Dad were spending the night so I gave them my bed, Mike took the couch and I took an air mattress on the floor. Problem was that the air mattress apparently had a hole in it and by 1am I was on the floor... and Mike was snoring. I slept horrible and woke up still completely exhausted. Mom and Dad left at 9:30, I laid down on the couch and fell back asleep for three hours. I'm still in my pajamas and doubt I will change out of them today. Mike is currently taking his nap. We are a pathetic team today. :)

And that was my weekend. :) Lots of fun, family and friends packed in!

Next weekend will be a packed one as well! Family flying in from Texas so we'll be heading to my parents' to hang out with my brothers and sisters. I'm kinda sorta excited!!

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