Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cael's Birthday Party

My friends have a boy who was born with some heart defects. They weren't even sure that he would make it through pregnancy but he is now ONE!! Cael has had several surgeries in his first year and several weeks were spent in the hospital. When I heard that his parents were planning a birthday party for him I volunteered to photograph it for them... because Cael turning one is a huge milestone and his parents needed to be able to enjoy the celebration while knowing that the memories of it all would be captured.

The theme for the party was superhero and Tanya did such an awesome job of decorating!

Cael's first birthday

Cael's first birthday1

Party favors for the kids were superhero capes with the initial from their first name on it. Awesome idea!

IMG_4115 copy

IMG_4093 copy

And of course the celebrated superhero of the day, Cael, had his own cape too. :)

IMG_4074 copy

The cake was GORGEOUS!!

 Cael's first birthday2

The beads around the cake are edible but made to look like Cael's beads. This is a picture I took when Cael was 7 months old...

IMG_0840 copybw

That cake maker sure did an awesome job of copying those beads!!

Then there was the smash cake...

IMG_3999 copy

And Cael enjoyed it. :)

Cael's first birthday3

Anyways... this is a super sweet family that has leaned on God through many trials in the past year and a half. It's amazing that they still have so much joy and it's evident that they truly embrace each day!

IMG_4036 copybw

IMG_4172 copy

IMG_4257 copybw2

IMG_4259 copy

This family could always use your prayers as they still have obstacles to overcome. You can follow Cael's story and get updates on the facebook page Cael's Crusaders: Prayers for our "Might Warrior".

And if you were wondering how to plan a superhero themed party you now have a lot of great ideas. How did people plan parties before pinterest!?!?

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