Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

We made a last minute decision to go to my parents for Easter and it was a good decision. :)

IMG_3970 copy

IMG_3971 copy

I hadn't been to visit with them since December and my mom wasn't even home that weekend... and Mike and I had wedding obligations for a friend so basically we just used their house as a place to sleep. I can't remember the last time I was there before that? It was definitely time to go "home".

The kids dyed their Easter eggs...

IMG_3792 copy

IMG_3804 copy

IMG_3807 copy

We bought a special kit to make chicks. I need to learn to read the directions on these things BEFORE buying them and telling the kids about them. I thought that most of the parts were stickers. They weren't. Everything needed glued on and I knew that elmer's just wasn't going to cut it so my kids were off playing while I was hot gluing chick eggs. 

IMG_3818 copy

Cute yes? But I didn't consider how weird it might be to eat eggs that looked like chicks. I left those for the kids.

IMG_3821 copy

Liza and Jason were beyond excited to wear their fancy clothes! They tried them on for Grandma and Papa on Saturday and for some pictures because it was so nice out. Jason loves to escort his sister. Raising a gentleman!!

IMG_3850 copy

Liza was just in love with her dress. Unfortunately it started falling apart and we took it back today. But she still enjoyed wearing it for Easter.

 IMG_3866 copy

IMG_3864 copy

Jason was such a little man in his fancy clothes and tie. You could tell that he was just so proud!

IMG_3960 copy

IMG_3957 copy

IMG_3925 copy

IMG_3946 copy

They enjoyed hunting for their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. I told them how mom and dad used to hide my basket and they insisted I do the same for them. They loved it. :)

IMG_3919 copy

IMG_3923 1

Oh... did I mention that Saturday actually felt like spring!? Yeah... we actually got to do spring time activities outside... like chalk. This is Jason's little drawing of our family outside on a nice day. :)

IMG_3914 copy
(I love how they always make Mike bald. :))

Great weekend. Great Easter. Great memories!

Hope yours was wonderful tooooo!

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