Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random Fun Times

We are visiting family this weekend and the cousins are having a blast playing together!

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The other two cousins will join us this afternoon for a picnic at the park. Hooray for spring weather!!


On the drive yesterday this conversation happened...

LIZA: Say "What time is it?"
JASON: I don't know what time it is.
LIZA: Nooo. SAY "What time is it?"
JASON: What time is it?
LIZA: Time for you to get a new watch! HA!... it's a joke.
BOTH: hahahahahahah!
JASON: I got one! Say "What time is it?"
LIZA: What time is it?
JASON: Time for YOU to get a new TRUCK!
BOTH: hahahahahahahaha!
LIZA: I got one! Say "What time is it?"
JASON: What time is it?
LIZA: Time for you to get a bath AND a new truck!
BOTH: hahahaha
JASON: I got one. Say "What time is it?"
LIZA: What time is it?
JASON: Uhhh... time for you to cut down a TREE!

And this continued for a good five minutes. :)

IMG_4672 copy


There are thirteen people sleeping in this house and only five beds... and a cot, an air mattress and a couch. Liza and Jason slept in sleeping bags on the floor in a room with me so I knew it would be an early morning. I heard them at 5:45 and wanted to cry. I knew that since they were on the floor they wouldn't fall back asleep so I told them they could come in the bed with me as long as they didn't talk. They were warned that if they talked they would be back on the floor. But then...

LIZA: Wait! I forgot to tell you something important!
ME: What?
LIZA: If I'm sick and I touch a cow it could spread too.
ME: Huh? If a cow is sick and you touch it you could get sick too?
LIZA: NOoooOO... if I was sick and I touched a cow the cow could get sick. And then if that cow touched another cow it could spread.
ME: Go back to sleep.


My brother asked if I would do a photo shoot of his daughter when they came to visit so I packed up all my photo stuff and brought it along. Well worth it! Violet is almost seven months old and ADORABLE! I haven't gone through all the photos yet because I got stopped at this one...

IMG_4817 copy

There is still plenty of fun to be had before we go home tomorrow.  Hopefully that fun will involve s'mores around the fire tonight!

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