Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today Is One of Those Days

Whew... I'm wondering if I'm going to make it through today.

About 3am I heard those five words that I desperately hate hearing in the middle of the night... "I peed in my bed." Ugh. I woke up and took care of that and then went back to bed... or at least tried to. It turned into one of those nights where you wake up every five minutes thinking hours must have gone by.

I'm exhausted.

To make it even better Mike is finally back to roofing. I thought he was back to work last week but for some unknown reason they only worked one day? Who knows. I think they will actually work most of this week. What makes it hard though is that Mike goes from being HOME all the time to being GONE all the time. He leaves at 5:45am and tonight he won't be home until after dinner.

So on top of being exhausted it's also just me and the kids all day long. And I have a headache. And I am stressed and I'm sorting through the loads of hurt that have been heaped upon my heart in the past month or so. I'm a mess. (And that is probably an understatement.)

Oh... and the kids are cranky and whiny and fighting over everything. 

And now I'm the one whining!

Anyways... about fifteen minutes ago I was about to lose it and that's when I decided to just get honest with the kids. I may have even cried a little as I tried to talk to them.

ME: You guys, I'm having a hard day and I would really REALLY like it if you guys would help me out and be nice to each other.
LIZA: Maybe we should just make it an easy night and watch a movie or something.
ME: Sounds good to me. Can I have a hug?
*Liza and Jason jump in my lap and in the process Jason's pants that are too big slip right off giving us a good and much needed laugh."

ME: I have a headache too. Will you guys pray for me?
*Liza and Jason stare at each other*
LIZA: Your name means "healer" so you should pray Jason.
JASON: But what if I don't want to right now?!
LIZA: Well YOUR name means healer so you should pray!
ME: You can still pray for people to be healed even though your name doesn't mean that Liza.
LIZA: Well, my name means concentrated to God. What does THAT mean?
ME: Consecrated. It means that Mommy and Daddy have dedicated you to God. We hope that you spend your life doing what he wants you to do.
LIZA: Oh. So I guess it's my job to go around telling people about God then.

Neither of them prayed for me. My head is still pounding. But my moment of honesty with my kids brought with it hugs, laughter and cute little conversations. Liza and Jason are now calmly playing and perhaps I can actually think about what to make for dinner. We are out of money and food so it's going to be interesting.

Or maybe I'll just take a nap and we can all have cereal for dinner.

Umm... and to make my day even better... Liza and Jason just looked at the clock, saw it was three o'clock and said "We are going to go take our naps now." I'm sitting here slightly stunned!

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