Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why I Went on Vacation

Soooo... my original vacation plans didn't work out. Some things came up and well... vacation was the first thing to go. But I desperately needed one. So I looked around and decided that I was still going to go somewhere. I chose Daytona Beach for two reasons... last time I vacationed alone that is where I went. The airport is only six miles from the beach so I can take a taxi and not have to rent a car... which saves a lot of money.

I was able to find a cheap motel and planned my vacation for a third of what we were planning on spending with our original plans. Mike was kind enough to recognize how much I needed a vacation and he let me go... alone.

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I believe this vacation was divinely timed. If there ever was a time I needed to get away for a few days it was definitely this past week.

For the past month I have been bombarded by well meaning people with everything that is wrong with me. I couldn't take anymore. I was crying myself to sleep every night with deep hurt in my heart. Everything good in my life was crumbling to pieces... (remember how a few weeks ago I wrote that I was feeling like I was finally getting to the mountain top and it was my time to enjoy the view?? Yeah... must have slipped and fell off a cliff because I feel like I'm back at the bottom)... and at the same time all I was hearing was how I needed to fix me.

It was all just really bad timing.

So I boarded a plane and ran away to my happy place... the beach.

 100_3015 copy

I needed to get away for a little while so I could reset and hear God. So I could rest. So I could find some peace and quiet. We all need that sometimes.

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I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my getaway. The weather was amazing. The beach calming. The people friendly. The sunrises gorgeous. The stars twinkly.

I love the beach.

I'll always love the beach. The mountains are fantastic but the beach does something to my soul that the mountains don't.

 IMG_4659 copy

I'm home now... and all my problems still exist. (Nothing like driving away from the airport and five minutes later running over a groundhog while going 65 to remind me that sometimes life just isn't fair.) My heart still hurts. BUT... I came back with hope and that's exactly what I needed... because it was something I was lacking when I left.

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