Friday, May 31, 2013


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I know I've been vague about the things I am going through. It's not that I don't want to talk about it all... it's that I can't.


But also...
some of those things would be inappropriate to discuss here.
some of those things are still too raw to talk about... I would say all the wrong things.
some of those things are just too hard to talk about right now.

The good news is that I am still standing.
I'm not really sure how, but I am.

Just the other day I thought I was doing all right... but then I got slammed with something else. There seems to be no end. And in case anyone thinks I'm just being dramatic... I'm not. I have so many real, hard issues right now it's ridiculous. My emotions... I don't even know where they are some days!

There are a lot of days where I want to just withdraw from the world and do life alone. In some ways I suppose I am doing that. But I'm trying not to go too far in that direction. When I find myself slipping too far into depression I grab my camera and take a walk.

I thank God for my camera. I find so much joy in taking pictures. He certainly knew what he was doing all those times he told me to wait... not yet... it's not time for a new camera. It came at the perfect time when inspiration and life was necessary.

And that's what I love about God... he's there. Always. Forever present and able to see into my future.  He says "I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."

THAT is the reason I am still standing. Sustain means to support, hold or bear up from below. God is my sustainer. He will hold me up. I will continue to stand because of WHO HE IS. I will make it through this hard and trying time. I will climb out of this valley.

The name Laura means crowned with Laurel. A VICTOR gets crowned with laurel. I AM crowned with laurel, I AM a victor.

Victory is mine.

I just wish it would come a little faster.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photography Tip... Straighten Your Lines

Sometimes I get so focused on what or who I am taking a photo of that I forget to check that everything else in the background is as it should be.

And that brings me to lines... lines should be straight... unless you intentionally make them slanted.

You can see the lines in the brick wall aren't quite straight. If I didn't point that out you might not notice it but it's there and they should be straight.

IMG_3674 copyLINES

Thankfully there are some simple ways to fix this in post processing.

Picasa is a free editor that you can download and it has a straightening tool. You just slide the slider until you see straight lines. (That's my tip for those of you who don't care to spend loads of money on photo editing stuff. You're welcome!)

I usually use Photoshop Elements and just take care of all my editing in this program. It's still simple to straighten out some slanting lines.

I select the crop tool and get my crop square up on my photo. Then I grab one of the corners and tilt the crop box until it is showing straight lines.

Fullscreen capture 5302013 94733 AM

After I have my crop lined up with lines I finish setting the crop area...

Fullscreen capture 5302013 95017 AM

And ta-da! Straight lines!

IMG_3674 copy

Just a simple way to take your pics up a notch. :)

IMG_3674 copyLINES  IMG_3674 copy

Do you have a photography question? If you do I would love to try and help you out. Just leave a comment. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maura ~ Senior Session

I love when someone sees work I did for someone else and then gets my number and calls me up because they want photos too! That's the greatest compliment I can get and it motivates me to keep going!

Maura is a senior and graduating in a few days. She too is into photography and plans to pursue it. I invited her to join my pretend photography club that is actually going to do things this summer... I hope she comes along on our outings. 

Anyways... she is just stunningly beautiful in such a simple, not overdone way. Just my style. :) I really enjoyed working with her!

IMG_1834 copy1


IMG_1786 copy

IMG_1731 copy

IMG_1671 copy

IMG_1680 copybw

IMG_1706 copy1

IMG_1708 copy1

IMG_1715 copybw1

IMG_1760 copy

IMG_1729 copy

IMG_1769 copy

IMG_1820 copy

IMG_1794 copybw

IMG_1829 copybw

Have I mentioned how much I love being a photographer!?!?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I loooooove Wedding Photography!

Dream job: second shooter for weddings.

I've always said it's what I want to do and I finally got to test that out on Sunday! My friend was booked to photograph a wedding and I told her I wanted to come along as her assistant for some extra experience.

Since I didn't have to get every shot that was set up I had the opportunity to really focus in on some details and try out some creativity. Here are some shots I got from the wedding... which by the way was absolutely lovely and gorgeous and classy and happy!

The bride made a lot of the stuff and it was all beautiful!

IMG_3227 copy

IMG_3201 copy

IMG_3237 copy

IMG_3240 copy

IMG_3242 copy

IMG_3264 copybw

IMG_3335 copy

IMG_3199 copy

IMG_3367 copy

IMG_3552 copy

IMG_3693 copy

IMG_3780 copy

IMG_3954 copy

IMG_3993 copy

IMG_3691 copy

I'll be talking more about wedding photography later this week and I'll be showing more from this one as I go. Editing is a pretty slow process for me... but I'm getting there!

Do you have a favorite photo from your wedding?
What is it?

A. Family

Karin is a friend of mine and she recently inquired about a family photo session. I was more than happy to be her photographer! Such a sweet family too... husband is a pastor and their three children are just adorable... and so well behaved! They were really great to work with. :)

IMG_1282 copy

IMG_1292 copy

IMG_1299 copybw

IMG_1346 copy

IMG_1349 copy

IMG_1387 copy

IMG_1431 copy

IMG_1447 copybw

IMG_1459 copy1
(I went back to this same spot three days after this photo shoot and the entire field had been mowed down! So sad.)

IMG_1487 copy

IMG_1508 copy

IMG_1516 copy

IMG_1524 copy

IMG_1550 copybw

IMG_1555 copybw

IMG_1573 copy

IMG_1590 copy

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