Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Family and Their Tractors

I've been taking photos for Ashley since she was pregnant and she recently asked me to do something different... The whole family was in for Mother's Day and they wanted pictures of everyone together... oh... and add two tractors into the mix as well. This was definitely a bit of a stretch for me but if we never get outside our comfort zone we never grow!

It was a bit tricky because one tractor was smaller than the other and we were on a slight downhill. Also... several small kids is always a challenge. But I like the shots I got. It's also the day I came home and ordered a new camera haha. One just KNOWS when it's time. :)

It was a cold, overcast, wet day but we got it in!

 IMG_6018 copy

IMG_5982 copy

IMG_6097 copy

IMG_5981 copybw

IMG_6087 copy

IMG_5990 copy

IMG_6044 copy

IMG_6050 copy

IMG_6063 copy

 IMG_6115 copy

IMG_6068 copy

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