Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A. Family

Karin is a friend of mine and she recently inquired about a family photo session. I was more than happy to be her photographer! Such a sweet family too... husband is a pastor and their three children are just adorable... and so well behaved! They were really great to work with. :)

IMG_1282 copy

IMG_1292 copy

IMG_1299 copybw

IMG_1346 copy

IMG_1349 copy

IMG_1387 copy

IMG_1431 copy

IMG_1447 copybw

IMG_1459 copy1
(I went back to this same spot three days after this photo shoot and the entire field had been mowed down! So sad.)

IMG_1487 copy

IMG_1508 copy

IMG_1516 copy

IMG_1524 copy

IMG_1550 copybw

IMG_1555 copybw

IMG_1573 copy

IMG_1590 copy

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