Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Geese

Last Thursday Jason and I dropped Liza off at school and headed to Succop Conservancy for a photo shoot. (Jason is a super duper assistant and I always pay him for working with me. It's kind of fun. :)) As we pulled in the drive we spotted baby geese so we quickly pulled over, jumped out of the car and grabbed the camera.

Of course they waddled off pretty quickly.

IMG_0132 copy

We didn't have time to chase them since we were there for work. But we did have time after the shoot so we headed back to the pond to find those baby geese.

IMG_0447 copy

IMG_0460 copy

IMG_0465 copy

They were swimming away from us so we ran along the path that went through some woods and around the pond so that we could follow them. It turned into a really sweet time with my Jason. Holding hands, running through the woods, chasing animals... stuff boys like. :)

IMG_0471 copy

IMG_0480 copy

We got hissed at by the parents a few times for getting too close. So weird that geese HISS!

And how can the babies be so cute and the parents... umm... not so cute?

IMG_0490 copy

IMG_0512 copy

Of course all this means is more poop around the pond this summer. Fun stuff.

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