Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camp Blast

Eek! My new camera is FINALLY here!! I waited all day long and finally shortly after five Mr. UPS pulled up. I was immediately out the door! He said "You guys been waiting for me?" Oh Mr. UPS Guy you have no idea... no idea. :)

My battery is charging and I plan to spend the evening reading my manual since I have a photo shoot tomorrow morning! In the meantime let me tell you about some fun my family had not too long ago...


Two Sundays ago (geez time is flying!) we went to Camp Lutherlyn for their free event called Camp Blast. I used to work at Lutherlyn and it's a GREAT place! They had lunch and all of their activities open... at no cost!!

We started off with lunch and then headed to the nature center. They were offering some of their lessons and well... it used to be my job and I knew the kids would have a good time. :) We went to the stream to look for all the different critters. There is so much more in the creeks and streams then crayfish! 

IMG_5601 copy

IMG_5604 copy

IMG_5606 copy

Liza was really into it. Made this mama heart happy. The stream used to be my favorite lesson to teach. I mean... it's pretty crazy that I actually got paid to take kids to the stream and look for critters and then talk about them! I'll hopefully go back and teach some when both kids are in school full time.

IMG_5607 copy

IMG_5614 copy

IMG_5615 copy

We then hung out in the nature center for a little bit. Jason insisted on having his pic taken with the bear. :)

IMG_5619 copy

After that we checked out the telescopes to see what kinds of things are swimming around in the pond at camp.

IMG_5620 copy

IMG_5621 copy

IMG_5625 copy

Liza and Jason both enjoyed the pony rides.

IMG_5631 copy

IMG_5632 copy

They got to make a fun craft in the craft cabin.

IMG_5644 copy

And then we waited for a very long time for the canoes. Liza and Jason had never been on a boat before so it was worth waiting for. They thought it was the best thing ever to sit on the floor of the canoe while Mike and I paddled around the lake. Me? It was the most difficult thing I have ever done... but that's only because I wasn't in the driver's seat. :) A canoe trip with Mike and I in the same canoe would likely destroy our relationship haha. I have issues... but you all knew that alread. :)

100_3107 copy

We finished off our day with s'mores at the campfire. Yum!

Lutherlyn is such a great place and this was such a fun family day that they put together. Something for all ages to enjoy. It was lovely! If you are in the area you should definitely check out Camp Lutherlyn!

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