Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dinner as a Family

Mike has been roofing... well... forever. He was roofing before we got married and he continued roofing after we got married.

I've concluded I hate roofing. Here's why...

For ten years my husband has been gone ridiculous hours in the summer.
For ten years my husband has been home all winter long.
For ten years Mike has worked six days a week. That means Saturdays.
For ten years I have woke up alone in the mornings because he had to be to work by 6am.
For ten years I have never known what time my husband would be home. Too many dinners without him.

Ten years.
It's a long time.
Too long.

The first year we were married we only had one car. That meant that I spent my days at home not being able to do anything because I didn't have a car and wasn't in walking distance to anything and no public transportation. Many days Mike didn't get home until 7 or 8 at night. That's a long day at home alone.

Fortunately we were running on new love but it was still hard.
I had no idea what being married to a roofer would be like.
It's been tough.

I've been desperate for change for YEARS!

And that change has finally come!!
There are two crews for the company and a week and a half ago, out of the blue, Mike's dad called (that's his boss) and said I'm switching you to the other crew.

This has meant many good things for us...
  • 7am start instead of 6am. Mike gets more sleep. I'm at least aware that he is leaving because I'm not still dead asleep.
  • They work shorter days so Mike actually has time to do things like take care of the cars, house, yard, etc.
  • It's rare for this crew to work on Saturdays. We will actually have real weekends!! We can make plans with people! We can have a social life TOGETHER.

But the change I like the most is this...

IMG_5965 copy

Family dinners almost every night. :)

These guys wrap up their work day around 3:00 and head home almost every day.

I can live with that!
It's much MUCH better than never knowing when my husband might be home.

Loving this change!!

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