Friday, May 17, 2013

Feeling Inspired

I had an entire day to play with my Canon 7D yesterday and the more I use it the more I love it! Pretty sure I did nothing but take pictures yesterday. :) It was awesome.

I have used the Rebel XS for the past five years and the 7D is really big jump in camera. Here is what I am loving about it...

19 focal points... instead of only 7! Hooray!
The SPEED! Oh man is this thing fast!
I can use a remote with it!
Better low light capabilities.
It has video.

There is more too but I just haven't figured it all out yet. The manual has a LOT in it and I'm slowly working my way through it and learning my camera. (If you have never read your manual you should! You should know what your camera is capable of!)

Basically... what comes to mind when I think of my 7D is "This thing is a STUD!"

Anyways... :)

Nothing like a new camera to leave me feeling inspired and refreshed! I was in need of those two things. Ever since ordering my camera I've been obsessed with learning new things about photography. I'm retaking an editing class that I took a few years ago because I know there are things I forgot or messed up. (I have access to the class for life since I paid for it.)

And since I have nothing going on for the next year... I let go of a lot of responsibilities and the one thing I had planned on hanging onto didn't really work out... so here I am with nothing but free time to do what I want. I decided to let my focus for the year be photography. I'm going to study it, explore with it, try new things, search for tutorials, actually do something about that pretend photography club I always talk about starting. I'm going to really learn to use all of the equipment I have and I'm going to learn to love taking photos of things that are not people. (Although people photography will always be my favorite.)

So there ya go. I'm truly feeling inspired and I would love to be outside looking for new and interesting things to photograph but I'm home with a sick girl. (She just puked and I almost did as well simply because I'm weak like that.) Since I can't get out I'm sitting inside editing some pictures from yesterday.

I started the day with a photo shoot for a friend. She loves photography too and for a year she let me use her house to do photo shoots since it worked better than mine. In return I've been photographing her son for free for his first year. He just turned one! :) I also invited a new friend along so she could get some experience. I taught her how to shoot in manual. I can't think of a more perfect first thing to do with my new camera. :) Then Jason and I hung out and snapped some photos of some cute baby geese. Later in the day we headed to Preston Park because I'll be doing a photo shoot there this weekend and I wanted to pick my spots out ahead of time.

Lots of photo opportunities during my day. Here are a few of my favorites.

 IMG_0232 copy

IMG_0676 copy

IMG_0631 copy

IMG_0430 copy

IMG_0516 copy

IMG_0634 copy

IMG_0694 copy

IMG_0701 copy

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