Monday, May 27, 2013

Flower Girl

Whew! It was a BUSY weekend! Friday was rehearsal and dinner, Saturday was wedding and Sunday I photographed a wedding. I have a gazillion photos to go through and edit. I've got a good start going.

Let's begin with Saturday's wedding. My friend Kim married Mike's cousin Travis. FUN!! They asked Liza to be flower girl. She was sooo excited about it. Dream come true for her. :)

 IMG_2917 copy

She took practice very seriously and on Saturday when I asked her if she was nervous she said no. I, of course, was her paparazzi for the day.

Waiting in the back of the church for the ceremony to start...

IMG_2760 copy

Ready to do her thing...

IMG_2769 copy

IMG_2771 copy

She did so good standing up front for the ceremony. She was pretty cute too... every once in a while I saw her do a little curtsy. :)

IMG_2781 copy

IMG_2794 copy

And then it was over.

IMG_2798 copy

Liza and Jason made sure everyone got their bubbles.

IMG_2816 copy

Then we headed out for pictures. I did a little photo shoot with Liza while waiting till the photographer needed her. She was so proud of herself!!

IMG_2826 copy

IMG_2832 copy

 IMG_2949 copy

IMG_2846 copy1

IMG_2869 copy

IMG_2913 copy

IMG_2946 copy

Of course you are still going to have some silliness because that's my Liza. :)

IMG_2828 copy

IMG_2940 copy

IMG_2941 copy

And the day would never be complete without lots of twirling!

5-52-2013 kim and travis wedding

When I showed Liza a photo of herself she said "I was so cute! I wish if I could have looked in the mirror all day." :) So proud of my Liza for being brave and doing so well!

IMG_2818 copy

Thanks so much Kim and Travis for asking Liza to be a part of your wedding! She enjoyed it so much.... and so did we!!

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