Friday, May 3, 2013



A week ago I wrote a post about how I suspect that I might have a gluten sensitivity and was thinking I should test that theory out. Then my mind freaked out and I immediately began eating everything gluten because I would never be able to have it again! Oops. I'm currently reading books and learning about it. I'll never succeed without information but I am still seriously considering this route. Working on gluten free breakfasts and lunches to start. I need to find recipes for dinner that I can start incorporating.

In the meantime I'm reading labels and learning what to look for. I'm talking to people who have gone gluten free. And every day I'm more and more convinced that I am gluten sensitive.


A few days ago I wrote about how I was having a rough day. It was amazing how quickly that day turned around after posting the blog. It wasn't long before one friend showed up at my door with food for dinner. Another called shortly after asking if she could pick up a rotisserie chicken for me. And then another friend asked if she could bring dessert. (All three friends have the name Kim. Interesting!)

Another friend came by and had dinner with us and then she took the kids out for a little bit. Her name was not Kim.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my day better and to those of you who prayed for me. God is real. :)


Another example of God in my days...

I woke up a few days ago and had a reminder of something painful in my life. It just upset me right from the start of my day and I was feeling really down. I decided I needed to get out of the house so I planned to go to the bank, thrift store and walmart... in that order. On the way to the bank I decided to skip the thrift store all together and headed to walmart. Pulled in the parking lot, got out and looked across the row to see a friend.

She had the exact words that I needed to hear that morning and it just really lifted my spirits.

God in the details.


My house is a disaster. DISASTER! I haven't cleaned in days because it's just too nice out to be bothered with housework. The problem is this...

Fullscreen capture 532013 82306 AM

When I am supposed to be inside doing housework with a forecast like that!?!?!

If you happen to stop by just pretend you don't see my mess ok? Thanks. :)


I'll never tire of his silly faces and taking pictures of them. I need to start a photo album...

IMG_5218 copy

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