Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Photograph Eight Children

The winner of the Ring the Bell DVD giveaway is Brandy! Congrats Brandy!! I'll be in touch with you soon!

I have more reviews and giveaways coming up so watch for them!


Since I'm a fan of honesty I'll just tell you that the overflow of my heart hasn't been very hearty lately. I've sat down to write several times in the past week and what comes out is just not right. So instead of attempting to write I'm just going to share some more photos. You can probably expect the same over the next few days. PLUS... spring is finally here and I feel like my camera hibernates in the winter and then when spring comes I get it out again. It's been fun and I've been booking photo shoots again!

Anyways... while visiting with family this past weekend we remembered last minute that we needed to get a photo with all of the cousins together. Not an easy task!

Here some tips...
1. Bribe the unwilling one.
2. Give strict instructions to the baby holder.
3. When one insists that the sippy cup remain where it is just let it be. It's either sippy cup in the photo or no photo.
4. Tell them not to smile. Kids like to be rebellious.
5. Play Simon Says. (Hands in lap. Look at the camera. SMILE!)
6. Let them be silly.
7. Snap a whole lot of photos really fast!

IMG_5053 copy

IMG_5060 copy

IMG_5063 copy

IMG_5066 copy

IMG_5059 copy

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