Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I loooooove Wedding Photography!

Dream job: second shooter for weddings.

I've always said it's what I want to do and I finally got to test that out on Sunday! My friend was booked to photograph a wedding and I told her I wanted to come along as her assistant for some extra experience.

Since I didn't have to get every shot that was set up I had the opportunity to really focus in on some details and try out some creativity. Here are some shots I got from the wedding... which by the way was absolutely lovely and gorgeous and classy and happy!

The bride made a lot of the stuff and it was all beautiful!

IMG_3227 copy

IMG_3201 copy

IMG_3237 copy

IMG_3240 copy

IMG_3242 copy

IMG_3264 copybw

IMG_3335 copy

IMG_3199 copy

IMG_3367 copy

IMG_3552 copy

IMG_3693 copy

IMG_3780 copy

IMG_3954 copy

IMG_3993 copy

IMG_3691 copy

I'll be talking more about wedding photography later this week and I'll be showing more from this one as I go. Editing is a pretty slow process for me... but I'm getting there!

Do you have a favorite photo from your wedding?
What is it?

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