Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Love My 7D!!

I'm in LOVE! :)

The Canon 7D is quite the camera! And it's a big step up from my Rebel XS. It's a lot different too so I have to relearn where everything is but that's ok. I've been reading my manual and so far at least I know where the important things are!

The camera finally arrived last night shortly after 5:00. It was a looooong day of waiting! But it came and I immediately plugged the battery in to charge and then continued looking through everything that came in the package and started reading the manual.

When the battery was ready I asked Liza and Jason if we could go outback and take a few pictures so I could try it out. I had to pay them $1 each to get them to cooperate. But it was worth it! :)

Here are my first photos with my 7D...

First picture on the camera. :)
IMG_0001 copy

IMG_0004 copy

IMG_0017 copy

IMG_0029 copy

 IMG_0073 copy

 IMG_0078 copy

Pretty sure this next one is my favorite picture EVER of Liza. I love that  she looks younger in it and I love her little nose!!
IMG_0037 copybw

IMG_0043 copybw

It's a great time to have a new camera! In the next month I have several photo shoots scheduled, two weddings to photograph and another two to go to as a guest. Plus loads of family fun in between. This camera is going to get broken in real fast. :)

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