Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jadyn ~ 6 Months

Here's the scoop...

A friend of mine bought her niece a set of photo shoots and I've been seeing Ashley and Jadyn every couple of months since then.

We got together Tuesday evening for Jadyn's 6 month photos. It had been threatening rain all day but I kept my fingers crossed and hoped real hard that it would hold off. We met at 5:30... Jadyn had fallen asleep on the way to our spot and didn't really care to be woke up. She was a bit fussy with us. I think we got about 25 minutes in and somewhere in that time it started raining. 

So... 25 minutes, fussy baby (but still completely adorable!) and rain...

These are the results...

 IMG_5745 copy2

 IMG_5666 copy

Ashley wasn't planning to be in any of the photos but I snapped a few anyways.

 IMG_5668 copybw

IMG_5677 copybw

IMG_5686 copybw

IMG_5726 copy-001

IMG_5690 copy

 IMG_5728 copy1

IMG_5699 copy
(I don't know why but I just LOVE this one.)

IMG_5703 copybw

 IMG_5708 copybw

 IMG_5717 copy

IMG_5746 copybw

IMG_5736 copy

Such a doll!
For real!
And I still get to do 9 month and 1 year old pics. :)

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