Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jason Graduates

Way back when... On May 8, Jason had his "graduation" from Children's Hour.

Children's Hour is a preschool type program that he has done for three years now. They do all the fun stuff... craft, Bible story, snack, music, gym... for two hours on Wednesdays during the school year.

Jason loves it!

This was his last year since he will be in Kindergarten next year but we are so glad to have had this program for the years that we did!

There were a ton of boys in Jason's class this year and apparently they bonded like crazy and are best buds. It was so fun to finally see him with all his buddies. His class in the one in orange.

IMG_5773 copy

Jason was so excited about performing in the program. He practiced his little heart out and was so ready!

IMG_5782 1

IMG_5786 copy

IMG_5792 copy

He sang loud and did all the motions. I so enjoyed watching him.

But then things took a turn... they were singing a song about a finger band and each verse had an instrument. The teachers had placed the instruments by each kid but somehow Jason got missed for one of them. When it came time to pick up that instrument he looked down to his right where it should have been and it wasn't there. He quickly looked to the other side and when he didn't see them he was so upset. He started crying and was just looking at me saying "where are my blocks?!" I wanted to run up there, grab him and run away to a happy place. I finally motioned for him to come to me and he understood.

My heart was breaking for him. I tried to calm him down and the teachers were so nice about it and did the song again making sure he had each of his instruments. He was so upset though. I finally was able to convince him to go back on the stage to finish by promising him he could have an extra cookie.

He finished out well... through his hiccuppy breaths. I actually have it all on video but I just can't bring myself to share it. It's so sad and makes me cry.

But I'm so proud of my Jason! He's such a big boy and he could have opted to not go back on stage to finish... but he did. :) And we never talked about it again.

I love this next photo not because it is an amazing photograph (because it's not) but because it's part of the story. After they finished their last song they sat down while awards were being given. Jason was still upset and the boys by him were asking him what happened and offering encouraging words. Such a sweet moment!

IMG_5804 copy

And then it was on to the best part of the night... COOKIES!!

IMG_5817 1

And let's not forget the guest of honor!!

This is Sarah... also known as Miss Eshbaugh... Liza's teacher.

 IMG_5818 copy

Jason loves her and wanted her to come so she did. :) Jason once asked Sarah if she would be his fake mom. He will have her for Kindergarten next year and we've already started discussing how he will have to share Miss Eshbaugh with the other kids.

His response to that... "But I like Miss Eshbaugh!"

I think we all do Jason. :)

IMG_5823 copy

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