Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Soooo... I'm a little behind on posting about the special Mother's Day Tea that Liza's class had for all the moms but it was too much fun and way too cute to not share. So I'm doing it now... even though Mother's Day is long gone.

Mike was gone for work and Jason had spent the night at his grandparents so it was a girls morning at home. We snuggled in bed, had breakfast and tried on our dresses and painted our nails before Liza had to go to school.

IMG_5828 copy

I then went to the school at 10:00 for the tea. I knew Liza had been working on some super secret things and couldn't wait to spend some special time with her! 

101_3118 copy

We got to ice and top our own cupcakes. Pretty sure that was a highlight for my Liza!

IMG_5835 copy

I got gifts. :)

One was breakfast in bed. They put an orange, muffin and tea bags in a brown paper bag... because what mama doesn't like breakfast in bed!? 

Liza also made me this awesome book! I love it and will keep it forever!

mothers day2

In case you can't see what it says...
I think my mom is 33 years old. (She's right.)
My mom's favorite color is purple. (Close... that would be second to pink.)
I like it when my mom cleans for me. (I think she's trying to hint at something!)
My mom makes the best hats. (She drew a picture of a pic that someone sends in after they get their hat.)
My mom loves to lay in the sun. (Yep.)
My mom loves to relax in her living room. (Right again. :))

My last surprise from Liza... 
I had no intention of buying her spring school photos (does your school do fall AND spring?? Craziness!) but it was arranged for her to give them to me as a Mothers' Day Gift. Sneaky sneaky! And she kept it a secret the whole time! And can I just say how much I love them!?!?

 IMG_1644 copy

IMG_1646 copy

(Also... what happened to regular school photos!?!? You know... the head shots!?)

I enjoyed watching Liza interact with her friends. They really do like each other a lot!

IMG_5852 copy

And there is, of course, her most fantastic teacher! No joke people... best kindergarten teacher EVER! I know this is my only experience with a kindergarten teacher but seriously... give the teach an award!

 IMG_5880 copy

I can't believe my baby girl is about to graduate KINDERGARTEN!!

 IMG_5865 copy

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