Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Favorites

While I am certain there are small, quirky benefits that everyone enjoys about the way their families are made up... Something I love about having only one boy and only one girl is that I can tell each of them they our my favorite.

I love stealing little moments with Jason and whispering in his ear "you're my favorite boy."

IMG_5270 copybw

And I love snuggling with Liza, squeezing her hand and whispering in her ear "you're my favorite girl."

IMG_5261 copy

They make quite a little pair. :)

IMG_5199 copy

They make my heart melt.

IMG_5200 copybw

The other day we headed to Preston Park... I had heard about it and some photography friends told me it was a nice place for photo shoots. I asked the kids to be my little models so I could check the place out. They were so cooperative!

Pretty sure they are my favorite little models to photograph.

IMG_5220 copy

IMG_5271 copy

And turns out we LOVE Preston Park! I think it will become another favorite place for us to visit.

IMG_5226 copy

IMG_5228 copy
(Showing off what they found. "Hey! This stick looks like a V. Cool! Let's carry it and take it home.")

I'm certain we will spend many days this summer at Preston Park having picnics and walking the trails. 

IMG_5233 copy

IMG_5236 copy

I'm also pretty certain that as soon as there are a few more leaves on the trees that I will be taking people there for photos shoots. It's such a beautiful place and so close to home!

IMG_5266 copy

IMG_5258 copy

If you live in the area you should definitely check out Preston Park! We'd be happy to join you there too! Picnic anyone??

 IMG_5268 copy

IMG_5277 copybw

IMG_5215 copy

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