Saturday, May 18, 2013

Photography Practice

Yesterday Liza was sick. Mike came home from work around 3:00 and was kind enough to let me go out alone for the evening. I needed to get out... and I needed to use my camera!

I headed to Preston Park because I had just been there a few days ago and knew there were lots of flowers in bloom and would be a great place to practice. I walked around the park for two hours just taking photos... trying different angles, looking for interesting lighting, learning my camera. I stayed until my hands cramped... which I knew was something I needed to do. The 7D is much heavier and larger than my rebel XS was and if I am going to photograph weddings I need to work up the muscles in my hands.

Can I just say how much I LOVE photography! I feel alive. I can be having the worst day and then pick up my camera and head out and feel a deep joy. Photography is a happy place for me.

Through the night I was up almost every hour with Liza, who is still sick. She's starting to feel a little better. Actually eating some crackers and keeping them down. Needless to say we are EXHAUSTED so I sat on the couch with her this morning... she watched movies and I edited photos from last night. I don't really consider myself great at nature photography but I really want to work on it. Here are some of my favorite shots from my time out last night...

 IMG_0719 copy

IMG_0723 copy

IMG_0724 copy

IMG_0747 copy

IMG_0745 copy

IMG_0750 copy2

IMG_0758 copy

IMG_0760 copy

IMG_0779 copybw

IMG_0785 copy

IMG_0799 copy

IMG_0824 copy

IMG_0828 copy

IMG_0849 copy

IMG_0852 copy

IMG_0872 copybw

IMG_0876 copy

IMG_0970 copybw

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