Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photography Tip... Straighten Your Lines

Sometimes I get so focused on what or who I am taking a photo of that I forget to check that everything else in the background is as it should be.

And that brings me to lines... lines should be straight... unless you intentionally make them slanted.

You can see the lines in the brick wall aren't quite straight. If I didn't point that out you might not notice it but it's there and they should be straight.

IMG_3674 copyLINES

Thankfully there are some simple ways to fix this in post processing.

Picasa is a free editor that you can download and it has a straightening tool. You just slide the slider until you see straight lines. (That's my tip for those of you who don't care to spend loads of money on photo editing stuff. You're welcome!)

I usually use Photoshop Elements and just take care of all my editing in this program. It's still simple to straighten out some slanting lines.

I select the crop tool and get my crop square up on my photo. Then I grab one of the corners and tilt the crop box until it is showing straight lines.

Fullscreen capture 5302013 94733 AM

After I have my crop lined up with lines I finish setting the crop area...

Fullscreen capture 5302013 95017 AM

And ta-da! Straight lines!

IMG_3674 copy

Just a simple way to take your pics up a notch. :)

IMG_3674 copyLINES  IMG_3674 copy

Do you have a photography question? If you do I would love to try and help you out. Just leave a comment. 

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