Sunday, May 26, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

There are not even words to express how much I love my new camera. :) I feel like I've done nothing but take photos all week long. Obsession.

Linking up with Scavenger Hunt Sunday today.

 IMG_4509 copy
Back in April I spent a week by myself on the beach in Florida watching sunrises and soaking up the rays. It was divine.

 IMG_2991 copy
Yesterday my friend married my husband's cousin... and another friend of mine made these cupcakes. :)

 IMG_2053 copy
I let my kids use my mp3 player. They came up with sharing all on their own.

 IMG_2445 copy
So much gritty texture on the ground and right up into the wall.

 IMG_2869 copy
My Liza was flower girl in yesterdays wedding. She was perfect!!

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