Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Violet ~ 6 months

When my brother decided he was coming from Texas for a visit my sister-in-law got in touch with me about photos for my newest niece. :) Violet was actually closer to seven months during the visit but we got some great pics!

Plus... she was an awesome little model for the hats I make and sell at Wix-Works. :)

Violet is the sweetest little thing! She's such a happy baby and she was super wonderful during photos throwing lots of smiles my way. I just love her! It was totally worth packing up all my photo shoot stuff an taking it along on the trip to my mom's!

IMG_4789 copy

IMG_4767 copy

IMG_4817 copybw

IMG_4803 copy

IMG_4838 copy

IMG_4888 copy

IMG_4830 copy

IMG_4891 copy

IMG_4964 copybw

IMG_4970 copy

4-27-2013 park

IMG_4960 copy

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