Friday, May 10, 2013

We Love Living Treasures!

The winner of the giveaway is MELISSA!! Yay! I'll talk to you about it soon Mel. :)


Mike had last Saturday off so we decided it was a good time to head to Living Treasures and buy our season passes. :) 

Jason wore his batman sunglasses that he purchased with his own money. They. are. ridiculous!

IMG_5472 copy

I just love these things. African Crowned Cranes I think they are called. They are so unique looking!

IMG_5476 copy

IMG_5479 copy

This guy is just a baby... Scottish Highlander. And if you can't pick your nose you might as well just stick your tongue in it!

IMG_5488 copy

And Levi!!! Levi got so big since I last saw him! He's a little over a year old and adorable! I'm trying to convince him that we should be friends.

IMG_5514 copy

IMG_5515 copy

Liza and Mike are master bird feeders. Mike always ends up with one on his head. Jason refuses to go in with the birds.

IMG_5542 copy

IMG_5552 copy

Flamingo... love the colors!

IMG_5567 copy

Sleepy duck...

IMG_5574 copy

Tortoise shell... it's amazing how big those creatures can get!

IMG_5588 copy

I have a slight obsession with wild cats. This guy is gorgeous. Leopards are next on my list of "All About..." photobooks to make for the kids. (I already did All About Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Polar Bears. Need to do Gorillas too!) 

IMG_5590 copy

IMG_5596 copy

I'm certain we will head back to Living Treasures several more times this summer. We just love it there so much. It's a great place to go with the family... or alone with my camera. :)

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