Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zander Turns One!

This was my first photo shoot with my awesome I'minlovewithmy 7D. I've been taking pictures of Zander since he was in the belly. His mama, Beth, is my friend and she does photography as well. She is my assistant when I do weddings and she let me use her living room for photo shoots for a year because my rental, with it's brown walls, cast an orange tint on everything. We don't need babies that look like they got a fake tan!

In return for her kindness I've been helping her get pictures of Zander... because it can be really hard to take photos of your own kid!

Zander is such an awesome little boy and he's always been so good during photo shoots for me! He was a little distracted this time but Beth eventually started singing "Everybody's Got a Water Buffalo" from VeggieTales and that got his attention. Boy loves his VeggieTales!

Here is Zander... big one year old already!

IMG_0134 copy

IMG_0232 copy

IMG_0139 copy

IMG_0162 copy

(We were attempting to use a reflector... for the first time... I think I need some more practice with that haha!)

IMG_0221 copy

IMG_0271 copy

IMG_0286 copy

IMG_0294 copybw

IMG_0296 copybw

IMG_0306 copy

IMG_0312 copy

IMG_0319 copybw

I'm kind of obsessed with black and white if you can't tell. I just like it. A lot.

We decided to put Beth in some photos...

IMG_0335 copy

IMG_0342 copy

IMG_0362 copybw

And that's that! Zander is one now so I won't be doing photos of him every few months anymore. But it was a ton of fun and I really like working with Beth. :)

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