Monday, May 6, 2013

Zoo Babies!

The Pittsburgh Zoo has an 8 month old rhino. Have you ever seen a baby rhino? They are adorable and definitely beasts. When we were walking toward the rhino I saw a zoo cart go buy with a bunch of guys and their big cameras... those cameras had news stations on them. It was good timing. If the news people are there they will get the baby out. (Because she's not always out.)

I got a good spot for me and the kids and we waited. It was worth it. They let the baby out and enticed her out of the hidden corner that the rhinos usually hang in. And I stood there beside the guys with the big cameras taking my photos. :)

So cute!

IMG_5295 copy

IMG_5296 copy

IMG_5300 copy

IMG_5314 copy

And then there was the three week old gorilla! This was happy news because last year there was a baby gorilla that passed away at about three months old. We were all really sad. Hopefully this little one makes it!!

IMG_5352 copy

IMG_5356 copy

IMG_5362 copy

IMG_5368 copy

IMG_5369 copy

IMG_5370 copy

IMG_5377 copy

IMG_5371 copy


Word is that there is a baby tiger as well but it won't be out for another month or so. Can't wait!!

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