Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zoo Day

On Thursday I took Liza and Jason to the zoo. We hadn't been there since the weather turned nice and since we heard that there were some new babies we decided that it was time to go. I convinced the kids that we could do it without the wagon (they are getting too big for it anyways) and I walked into the zoo with only my lightly packed purse and a camera... definitely a sign that my kids are growing up! It was wonderful. :) And the kids managed to walk around with me for four hours. They're tough!

Here are some pictures from out trip...

IMG_5325 copy

IMG_5339 copy

IMG_5329 copy

IMG_5350 copy

IMG_5382 copy

IMG_5393 copy

IMG_5427 copy

We caught the sea lion demonstration... lots of tricks and fun!

IMG_5438 copy

IMG_5445 copy

IMG_5454 copy

I'll show you the 3 week old gorilla and the 8 month old rhino tomorrow. :)

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