Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Animal Obsession

There's just something about baby animals that gets me every time. I just love them... as long as I don't have to take care of them and can just take pictures. :)

It's a baby water buffalo!
IMG_7619 copy

The baby kangaroo is a current favorite. It was so fun to watch it crawling in and out of mama's pouch and hopping around. Baby was still a bit clumsy... it was adorable!
IMG_7795 copy

IMG_7643 copy

IMG_7801 copy

IMG_7650 copy
IMG_7701 copy

IMG_7718 copy

Scottish Highlander
IMG_7721 copy

Baby camels are so weird.
IMG_7729 copy

I think Liza needs to meet a farmer. Get the girl some goats!
IMG_7736 copy

IMG_7745 copy

This baby deer was just super sweet!
IMG_7754 copy

IMG_7755 copy

Another deer...
IMG_4866 copy

(Liza and Jason love these things!)
IMG_4775 copy

IMG_4786 copy

IMG_4822 copy

As soon as it's not 20 degrees over buckets of sweat we'll be heading back to visit all these little ones!

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