Friday, June 14, 2013

Believing in God vs Beliving God


Mike and I have been having some good conversations lately and one of them was about the difference between believing in God and believing God.

We can believe IN God without actually believing him at all.

Mike and I both grew up in Christian families. We will both tell you that no matter what happens we will never be able to deny God's existence. We've seen too much evidence of God. We've experienced him in our lives since the time we were little. We believe IN God.

We will always believe in God.

But just believing in God isn't quite enough.

I need to BELIEVE God.

I need to believe that he is who he says he is and that he will do what he says he will do.

Do I really, truly believe that he is healer?
Loving Father?
Forgiver of my sins?

Do I believe he has a plan for me and that the plan is good?
Do I believe that he knows what is best for me?
Do I believe that he will take care of me?
That he is my sustainer and Savior?

Do I believe him?

When I read the Bible do I question who he is or do I believe his Word to be truth?

I know that sometimes we have to go through personal journeys to truly understand different ways that God acts and different aspects of his character. But when he says he is good do I still believe that... no matter how ugly life gets?

Do I believe that he really really loves me?

It's easy to believe IN God.
It can be much more difficult to actually believe him.

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